How to become the best version of you

What to do with your (we all have) abilities/life? 
Assume we talk about two main abilities, X and Y. Each is sum of many but all of them are correlated in X and Y and to stay simple we will leave it this way.
Let’s start with X 
Set your short-term goal (1a). After you achieve it you can proceed with new one(1b) which with previous goal makes long term goal(2a). 
Then you can asset long term goal(2b) by planning it consciously. 
After that point starts next level planning (which is not linear in its totality) because you have learned new skill and from now on you can combine short and long-term combinations. 
There are two main ways to go; on the first one you can create long term goals composed of larger number of short term goals or skip STG and make longest term goal (3) combined of long term goals (LTG). This is a good way to master persistence and consistency which are fundaments of healthy human behavior and as they are condicio sine qua non of every aspect of human activity. Through certain time we have developed X ability.
If you want to be “engineer of your faith” there is a second road (beginning of Y ability development) – set new short-term goal(A1) but this time focus on Y. With this new activity do EXACTLY same steps like you did previously to the point „2b“, for understanding we’ll name it differently - „B2“. There is option with new longer terms but that is not aim this time. Go there only if you didn’t master ability Y fully, WHICH IS CONSIDERED TO BE REACHED AFTER B2! 
All cards are in your hands. What you do now are programs of new goals combined of X and Y abilities together!
In practice it looks like this. First, you learn your legs move faster than walking. It’s called running. Then you learn long distance running. Run little bit more until you get your first marathon medal. Somewhere between walking and marathon running is pool.  Learn to swim. Then swim, run and ride bike. Congratulations. You are triathlete!
What’s next? Your endurance is on high level but…strength! Build your strength most of the time. Incorporate endurance meanwhile. Once you push your organism to specific high-level stress your it will recognize stimulation sooner and your body will adapt itself few times faster than before!
Josip Harambašić
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